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Mizna in the Media

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September 2006
"Common Ground {Syria, Somalia, and Soccer: The Arab World, As Seen from the East Bank}"
The Rake September 2006

March/April 2005
"Of Stories and Storytellers"
Saudi Aramco World March/April 2005

October 2004
Co-founder of first U.S. Arab-American literary magazine receives international recognition
Alumni Success Stories, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, October 7, 2004

A Coon Rapids High School graduate has received international recognition for her role in launching the first Arab-American literary magazine in the United States.
Peter Bodley, Coon Rapids Herald, October 7, 2004

September 2004
Those People Are Us, Mizna's Arab Film Fest at Intermedia Arts brings the other home
Dylan Hicks, City Pages, September 22, 2004

Letters from the Diaspora
"Whenever Kathryn Haddad browsed through journals of multicultural literature, she noticed that Arab-Americans were never represented. Determined to fill this void, the high school English teacher set out to create a literary outlet for Arab-Americans, similar to those of other ethnicities in America."
Anayat Durrani, Woman This Month (affiliated with Bahrain This Month), September 2004

August 2004
Review of Journal: Volume 5 Issue 2
Because nothing ruins art like an admirable cause, I was initially wary of Mizna, "a forum promoting Arab American culture that values diversity in the Arab community." To my delight, however, the journal succeeds at a literary level, with an unusual and exhilarating variety of tone grave, plucky, analytical and sanguine.
The NewPages Literary Magazine Stand, August 2, 2004

June 2004
Theater Review: The Other Side of a Story
"With Love From Ramallah" showed at the Mixed Blood Theater, produced by Mizna, an Arab American forum.
Dean J. Seal,, June 19, 2004.

Audio Archives: Backstage Pass with Karl Gehrke
Illusion Theater's production of "Vanishing Point", "With Love from Ramallah" at Mixed Blood Theatre and North Star Opera's "The Chocolate Soldier".
Classical 89.3, June 10, 2004.

Review: Tale of two West Banks has deep message
"With Love From Ramallah" opens with a recitation of stereotypes about Arabs. From Scheherazade to Lawrence of Arabia to a fundamentalist terrorist, the images conjured by the actors vividly set the scene for this intense and poetic exploration of the experience of Arabism in America and Palestine.
Star Tribune, June 8, 2004.

Arab-Americans star in tale of two West Banks
Ayman Balshe had never even seen a play before his first audition, but that's not stopping him from performing a leading role in "With Love From Ramallah," opening at Mixed Blood Theatre tonight. Balshe, in his final year of dental school at the University of Minnesota, is among a cast of 14 mostly Arab-American, mostly inexperienced actors who have committed hundreds of hours to a project they hope will help change attitudes while it entertains.
Star Tribune, June 4, 2004.

March 2004
Arab ambassadors: Simon Shaheen and Salamat work to spread Arabic music (click here for full text)
Star Tribune, March 12, 2004.

September 2003
The week in music: Critics' picks for Sept. 19-25
'While other rappers search for something to rap about besides guns and bling-bling, Palestinian-American Iron Sheik seemingly could go on forever attacking Muslim stereotypes and pushing for better understanding of his people. The California-based MC performs as part of the Loft's "Equilibrium" series with Filipino spoken-word artist Golda Sargento and Chicago poet Paul S. Flores. (8 p.m. Sat., the Loft Open Book, 1011 Washington Av. S., Mpls. $5. 612-215-2575.) (C.R.)'
Star Tribune, September 19, 2003.

April 2003
New generation of Arab filmmakers probes cross-cultural tensions Directors rooted in U.S. and Europe are drawing wide attention.
San Francisco Chronicle, Tuesday, April 15, 2003

March 2003
Stereotyping of arabs in the media
A scholar who studies the image of Arab people in mass media discusses the stereotyping of Arabs. Guests: Jack Shaheen, a longtime professer and media critic. He is the author of several books including Arab and Muslim Stereotyping in American Popular Culture.
Minnesota Public Radio March 26, 2003.

Arabs speak through film; war casts shadow over Minneapolis fest.
Star Tribune March 26, 2003.

Mid-East Summit In Midwest: Minnesota's first Arab film festival speaks louder than CNN.
City Pages March 26, 2003

November 2002
"A Doorway into Arab America"
Minnesota Women's Press. (link unavailable)

"Mizna nominated for the 2002 Utne Independent Press Award",
Utne, the nation's leading magazine of alternative ideas.

October 2002
"Fearful Verses: Arab and Muslim artists face hostility with poetry",
Star Tribune Oct. 31, 2002

"An Interview with Kathryn Haddad," ARISE! Archives-Winter 2001-02

"Fearful Verses: Trapped Between Bush and Bin Laden,"
Asian American Press

"Magazines that make sense of the Middle East,"
Utne Reader
September 8, 2002
"Arab-American Artists Respond to September 11," National Public Radio

March 22, 2002
"Arabs, Muslims present art without borders,"
Minneapolis Star Tribune

January 24, 2002
"Northeast Literary Journal Explores Arab America,"

January 21, 2002
"Arab-Americans find a liberating voice in 'the cloud of the desert,'"
Lebanon Daily Star

January 2002
Southeast Angle

December 7, 2001
Mizna was featured in the Buzz section of the local Channel 9 News.

December 2001
Minnesota Public Radio

October 2001
Southside Pride

October 2001
Art: ABC Newspapers

September/October 2001
"Arab in America,
" Minnesota Magazine

June 2001
Review of Mizna appeared in the Multicultural Review

September 2000
Ivri-NASAWI: New Association of Sephardi/Mizrahi Artists & Writers International

January/February 2000
"Arab-American Activism. Arab-American Writers’ Conference Held in Chicago"
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

February 2000
"Children of Al-Mahjar: Arab American literature spans a century,"
U.S. Society and Values

November 1999
"Out of the Desert,"
City Pages

Summer 1999
Newsletter of the National Coalition of Education Activists