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Lisa Adwan

Lana Barkawi

Aissa Deebi
Curator of Visual Art

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Volume 10 (2008) Volume 10

Niebal Atiyeh
The Vultures

Sham-e-Ali al-Jamil
Airport Parking Lot
Who Will Still Be There?

Yussef El Guindi

Assef Al-Jundi
I Died Many Times Before
Army Boots

Robert Caisley
Western Mentality

Beverly Monestier
Bare Bones

Bashir Makhoul: visual art
Passively Structured
Textile Market
Concrete Delineation 3
Destruction of an Actual Place
Occupation of an Equal Space 36
Akka 41
Occupation of an Equal Space 35

Gordon Hon
Nakba in Yiddish

Lorena Duarte

Randy Holland
Happy Ending

Mary Barghout
Questions Are Mar-ha-ba

Catherine Coray
Yousef (an excerpt)

Wendy Brown-Baez
The Day in Baghdad

Mike Rollin
Annotated Overview of America’s International Strategy: Another
World ______ Possible.  


Nadine Sinno
The Home Front

Charlotte Albrecht
The Sweetness of Hauntings